The Gift of Vulnerability

How much do you feel you hold back in your relationships? How willing are you to show vulnerability and open up about your fears and dreams?

It can be really tough to be vulnerable and put yourself in a position where you feel completely exposed.  You’re taking a risk where you might experience pain and rejection. However, taking that risk could also result in an amazing, deeper connection with someone. Vulnerability shows courage, strength, and a deep sense of worthiness.  It’s normal to feel scared when being vulnerable, but the key is to walk hand in hand with that fear and not allow it to hold us back from sharing who we really are with each other.

As C.S Lewis once said – “To love at all is to be vulnerable.”

This week I really wanted to share a story about vulnerability with you, and the powerful impact it had on me.

Benefits of vulnerability:

  • having stronger, deeper relationships
  • showing courage
  • building deeper connections
  • being more relatable
  • giving others the gift to open up
  • a strong feeling of honesty
  • letting go of fear
  • expressing your authentic self

For more great info on vulnerability check out this amazing TED Talk given by Brene Brown

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