Why I Have Such High Energy


Over the past couple years I’ve had this really weird thing happen to me.  I feel like I kinda gained a superpower!  I know, I probably sound crazy but I just feel completely different!

I got struck with some type of insane energy a few years ago and started finding myself going for midnight runs, multitasking 50 things at once, becoming more social and not feeling tired by doing any of it! Instead everything I was doing was feeding my energy even more!

I’ve had countless people ask me where I get my energy from and for a long time I said I don’t know, probably from my mother.  The only thing was I didn’t always feel this way. For many, many years I felt extremely tired. I just didn’t realize it because it felt normal.

In this weeks video I can’t wait to share where exactly this energy boost came from, how I’ve been able to maintain it and how you can also discover it for yourself!

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