Fall in Love With Winter

Fall in Love with Winter

Fall in Love with Winter

So here’s the deal – yes, I’m Canadian, but that certainly doesn’t mean I love winter. However, I’m on a mission to make the best of it this year!

I grew up in Muskoka where we get lots of snow, and as a kid I built snow forts, made snow angels, had snowball fights and made snowmen. As I got older these activities became less appealing and I grew to dislike winter even more. My experience with winter now is defined with lots of grunts as I pull my scarf across my face, sighs as I make my way through the slush and racoon eyes from my mascara as the icicles on my eyelashes start to melt. This is what my perspective of winter has become and I’m ready to change that!

So to get me in the winter spirit I decided to hit up the Toronto Ski and Snowboard Show. I definitely received some amazing winter inspiration and I can’t wait to share it with you so you can fall in love with winter too!

Make the Most out of Winter!

Are you a winter lover? What winter activities do you enjoy? Share your ideas below!

Happy adventuring!

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