How I Learned to Ease my Anxiety

How I Learned to Ease my Anxiety

How I Learned to Ease my Anxiety

One of the biggest lessons I’ve been learning big time this past year is how to not be so hard on myself. I tend to be a big dreamer, but what I’ve discovered comes along with that, is a whole whack-load of stress and anxiety – which is obviously no fun at all!

By being a big dreamer I’ve put huge expectations on myself, and when I don’t feel I’m getting close to where I want to be anxiety kicks in big time! I’ve learned the actual term for this type of anxiousness is called high functioning anxiety and what I find triggers it is fear. Fear of not getting to where I want to be, fear of not being good enough, fear of being seen as a failure.

I used to wake up every morning with a pit in my stomach. Worried about how I wasn’t going to see the results I wanted.

The thing with me is I don’t have any problem taking action. I’m not afraid of putting myself out there and seeing what happens. However, the downside is when you feel you’ve done everything you can but you still aren’t seeing the results you want. That’s when the anxiety tends to consume me the most.

It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to get to a place where I feel more at ease, but I’m finally getting there. Sometimes I still have setbacks but I’m much closer to being at peace with myself than I ever have been before.

I’m hoping what I’ve learned throughout this journey can also help you anytime you feel fear and anxiety creep into your life.

The #1 Tip to Easing Your Anxiety

After years of not cutting myself a break I’ve finally come to this place where I understand what it means to surrender. I always saw surrendering as giving up or not trying very hard. Being someone who constantly takes action, that concept was really foreign to me. It took getting to a place where I could barely function for me to realize how imperative it is for your mental health. I’ve learned it’s not about surrendering to life completely. It’s about finding a balance. A balance of taking enough action, but also knowing when to take a step back. I know this is something I’ll continuously need to be mindful of because it can be so easy to fall back into old patterns. At the same time, knowing how much more at peace I feel, I think I will be able to bounce back more quickly.

If you’ve found other ways that help you combat stress and anxiety I would love for you to share them in the comments below!


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