How the Life Map Showed Me Who I Want to be 2

Life Map

Life Map

I’ve had the privilege of taking quite a few people through the Life Map process, and I have to say I LOVE going on this journey with them!

Everyone has such a unique story. It’s so interesting to see how their past has really shaped who they are and where it’s led them.

I’ve discovered that overall this tool really helps people develop their core confidence. It uncovers your limiting beliefs so that you can conquer your fears and become your best self. It’s a way to make you fall in love with yourself and accept who you really are.

Today I really wanted to share my friend Jeremy’s experience with the Life Map. He opens up about how this process has really helped him and how it’s something he will always carry with him.

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The Life Map tool will move you towards a new destination and bring clarity on how you’ve ended up on the road you’re currently on. It will also help you understand how previous experiences and events have shaped your belief system, values and self worth. You won’t spend much time dealing with your past throughout this process. Instead use it as a way to understand how your past has played a role in driving you to where you are today. The key is to uncover how certain patterns and choices have taken you off course and understand the role that certain passengers and backseat drivers have played in guiding or distracting you from your priority – you!

Maybe you don’t realize that you’re continuously looking in the rear-view mirror and it’s preventing you from keeping your eyes on the road ahead. If you feel you’ve hit a dead end or some bumps in the road, this process will help you find your way back towards a life of purpose and fulfillment.

I developed the Life Map coaching concept after taking a look at my own life and realizing how all the decisions I’ve made and the people I met along the way have ultimately guided me to where I’m supposed to be. Despite how many “wrong” turns I felt I took, those roads are what ultimately led me back to my rightful path.

And the best part? Those long-awaited ‘aha!’ moments will fuel you towards a fun, free and fearless life!

So start your engines… you’re in for a ride of a lifetime!

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