How to Deal with Annoying People

How to deal with annoying people

How to deal with annoying people

I find it fascinating how certain people can get under our skin and irritate us beyond belief. I find it even more interesting how other people may not be phased at all by the exact same thing!

Some people have the ability to trigger us in unusual ways and it’s so easy to judge them based on how we interpret their actions and behaviour. There are always clues behind why certain things bother us. To be able to understand it more clearly and let it go, you have to take a step back and really ask yourself why that particular thing is bothering you so much. Many of us don’t think to ask ourselves this question and continue on feeling more annoyed than we need to.

I believe it’s important to start challenging yourself next time you feel annoyed by someone. You might come across some fascinating discoveries!

How to Deal With Annoying People

The first thing you need to realize is it’s not about the person you feel annoyed by. It’s about YOU! They are just acting as a lightening rod for you – striking you in a way that’s causing you to feel irritated.

Their actions or behaviours are bringing something out in you and it’s important to try and recognize what that is. What clues is this person giving you about yourself?

Whatever they are doing represents something bigger that’s likely deep in your subconscious. Maybe the way they’re acting reminds you of someone else in your life you have negative feelings about. Or maybe they have a different set of beliefs and values that don’t match yours. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s just different and it’s about accepting the fact we’re all different and unique in our own way.

Unless you make an conscious effort to understand it, you will continue to feel annoyed and have an overall feeling of negativity. Think about how much freeing it would be and how much energy you would save if you didn’t allow yourself to be so wrapped up in other people’s behaviour. Feeling annoyed doesn’t change the other person. So what are you trying to prove by letting that person get to you?

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