Saying Goodbye to a Passion: How to Re-evaluate Life

How to Re-evaluate Life

How to Re-evaluate Life

This past week has been an emotional one! After a lot of reflection I decided that after 10 years of teaching fitness, it was time to re-evaluate life and let it go.

Teaching fitness has always been a huge passion of mine so this decision was not an easy one to make. As I went through the process of making this choice, I realized I had a lot of fears to overcome.

I believe anytime we find ourselves at a fork in the road it’s important to spend time uncovering the fears that are making it challenging to make a decision. At the end of the day we know what we want – we’re just blinded by fear. By breaking through the different fears it’s far easier to develop more clarity.

It’s also key to recognize the purpose certain events, experiences and people have in your Life Map journey. When I looked back on my Life Map it was incredible to see how becoming a Fitness Instructor was so vital in me becoming who I am today!

In this weeks video I share my journey of becoming a Fitness Instructor, and exactly why I had to say goodbye 10 years later.

Re-evaluate Your Life

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