How to Truly Love Yourself: The #1 Tool to get you there 1

How to Truly Love Yourself

How to Truly Love Yourself

It’s been such a rewarding experience as a Coach to see how the Life Map has helped shift the perspective of others. Helping people own their story and release any shame around who they are has been a huge part of the Life Map process.

I’m really excited to share singer-songwriter Brittany Brodie’s story about her journey towards building self-love with the Life Map tool.

She calls the experience “magical” and can’t wait to frame her map and put it in her office!

The “aha moments she had in creating her map has made her completely change how she views her life.

Part of the Life Map language such as “listening to your GPS” and “backseat drivers” has also become a huge part in her everyday vocabulary!

I hope you enjoy listening to her story as much as I enjoyed talking with her about it!

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Discovering how to truly love yourself and develop deep core confidence requires you to release any limiting beliefs and the fears attached to them.

Once you begin the journey to understanding yourself better you won’t believe all the unconscious messages you’ve been telling yourself all these years. It’s funny just how much these messages can hold us back.

The Life Map helps you uncover certain triggers in your life. There are situations and people that just rub us the wrong way sometimes. There’s a reason why that is. Do you know why?

It’s time to let go of all the things that are holding you back. It’s never too late to start stepping into someone you feel proud to be!

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