Stop Wasting Time! Use the ‘Coupling Method’ 1

Stop Wasting Time

Stop Wasting Time

I have a confession to make. I really, really don’t like to feel like I’m ever wasting time and I like to be as productive as possible so at the end of the day I have more downtime for myself. I created the ‘Coupling Method’ which allows you to strategically plan ahead and feel extra productive. Who doesn’t love that feeling when you feel on top of the world after accomplishing everything on your to-do list? Check out this weeks video to see how you can incorporate the ‘Coupling Method’ into your life!

Stop wasting time by using the ‘Coupling Method’


The Coupling Method is all about coupling your to-do items together so you can save more time later. It requires a bit of planning but eventually it will start to become second nature. Here are some examples of how I incorporate the Coupling Method into my life.

I really try to avoid just going to the grocery store. I make sure I plan my trip with when I go to yoga or the gym because it’s on my way home. You can save so much time if you look at your schedule ahead of time and see if you’re going to be anywhere close to a grocery store so you don’t have to make a 2nd trip.

There’s nothing I despise more than having to run out just to pick up one item. The last thing I want to do is make a special trip to the pharmacy just to buy toilet paper! When I notice I’m low on something I make a note of it and look at my calendar to see when I will be in an area where I can also pick up whatever I need.

I live downtown Toronto and love walking from place to place. I also have a lot of phone calls I need to make. So I couple walking with talking. I might as well use this time productively instead of having to spend time sitting at home on the phone when I could be doing other things or enjoying that downtime for myself.

I teach fitness classes and an active lifestyle is very important to me. I also tend to keep a very busy schedule but connecting and nurturing relationships is also really important to me. To honour both of these values I try and couple them together. I always like seeing if a friend can join me for a class so we have the chance to see each other and have a quick catch up. Of course, if you need more time to really catch up you can plan more time but it’s a great way to stay connected to people in your life.

The Coupling Method is really about taking an everyday task and making the most of it. Maybe you’ll end up even creating a triple or quadruple method! It just requires a bit of planning and awareness around how you can make the most out of your schedule.

I would love to hear examples of how you use this method. Leave them in he comments below!


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