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How Times Square Changed my Perspective

How Times Square Shifted my Perspective

How Times Square Shifted my Perspective

It’s funny how one little event can completely change your perspective. This happened to me recently in NYC. I had been in New York for over a month and I still hadn’t made it to Times Square during this particular trip. Wanting to feel more like a local than a tourist, I suppose I had been unconsciously avoiding the mayhem.

However, I was close by one day and wanted to feel the crazy energy of midtown. Of course there were thousands of people milling about and you had to strategically plan every step you took. At one point I was at a cross walk waiting for the light to change when this man backed up right into me!

I’m sure we’ve all experienced times when someone wasn’t looking where they were going and ran right into you. It’s so easy to get super irritated, and that’s exactly the reaction I had. I totally rolled my eyes and under my breath whispered “seriously?”

Then a split second later this bus was turning the corner and ended up coming up on part of the sidewalk – right where that man was standing! I soon realized if he hasn’t backed up into me in that moment he would have been taken out by that bus!

This moment in Times Square is when I started to really shift my perspective on how I view other people – whether it’s people I know or strangers on the street.

Watch this weeks video to learn how you can also move past the frustrating actions of others.