i hate mondays

How to Get Over the Monday Blues

How to get over the Monday Blues

How to get over the Monday Blues

Yup – it’s Monday. You know what the worst thing is in my opinion about Monday? It ruins Sunday! There were so many times I sulked around on Sunday’s dreading what was about to happen the next day – the start of a whole new week. A week filled with early mornings, deadlines, conflicts, and certain energy draining co-workers. I mean, who actually likes Monday’s when you put it that way?!

Well, my Monday bashing days are over! Mainly because I’m now an entrepreneur so Monday’s don’t have the same meaning anymore. However, I can still totally relate to that feeling of dread. I’ve been working at busting through this uncomfortable feeling and I’ve actually found a way that works really well! I have a good feeling it will also help with your Monday blues!

Check it out in this weeks video!