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Who are your Navigators?

Who are your navigators?

Who are your navigators?

Who we are in life is based on a number of significant factors. It’s a combination of our values, beliefs, experiences, and people we’ve met along the way.

A big part of the Life Map program I’ve created is the language. I’ve chosen specific metaphors based around going on a road trip, a.k.a your life journey. Phrases such as shifting gears, hitting a fork in the road and know when to refill your tank, help give clarity around a situation you might be going through.

Today I want to talk about the Navigators in your life.

The Navigators in your life are people who have helped guide you down a certain road. Maybe they taught you something that changed the way you see or do something. Or maybe they gave you an opportunity in life that helped guide you in a different direction that changed your life for the better.

I’ve had some major Navigators in my life lately. I’ve met quite a few people who have helped open doors for me or shared information that changed how I do things.

Check out this weeks video to better understand who the Navigators are in your life!