The Rebound Relationship

Dating couple, New York, Manhattan, Times Square dating drinking coffee smiling happy sitting at red tables enjoying their tourism vacation travel in the USA. Asian woman, Caucasian man.

I get it…you just got out of a relationship and you’re missing that companionship.  I totally understand that it can feel lonely and you’re looking for something…or someone to fill that void.

You might think it’s best to jump right back into the dating scene because it makes sense to move on and date other people right away – what’s the point of waiting, right? Well the problem is you could find yourself in some really toxic or even more heartbreaking situations if this person ends up being a rebound.  This usually ends up being the case when you’re not ready to fully move on.

There are so many things to consider and reflect on after getting out of a relationship. In this weeks video I want to help you see and understand the steps you need to take before leaping into what may seem like the next best thing.

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