Why we Judge: Understand the 5 Judgment Blocks

Why we Judge: Understand the 5 Judgment Blocks

Why we Judge: Understand the 5 Judgment Blocks

I have to confess – I love exploring judgment and where it comes from. This has always been something I’ve analyzed in my life. Even from a really young age.

Over the past year I’ve gotten really deep with it and have come up with different philosophies as to why exactly we judge others. I’m actually really pumped to share this with you!

Every single one of us is guilty for judging someone and we’ve all had people judge us. We’re human and it’s natural. The key is to catch yourself when you’re making a judgment and really ask yourself where it’s coming from.

Having a deeper understanding of where judgment stems from will also make it easier to dismiss what other people think. This allows us to focus on our own lives with more ease.

Watch this weeks video to discover the 5 different judgment blocks.

The 5 Judgment Blocks



We judge people based on the feelings and thoughts we have around a situation, which relates back to our own personal values. If you don’t have any energy or emotion around it, it won’t even resonate with you. Therefore no judgments would even come to mind.

For example: If I value health, I’m going to notice more when people do things that goes against their health. However, if health wasn’t something I valued, I wouldn’t have the same energy around what that person was doing. I wouldn’t notice or care, and would have nothing to base a judgment on.


We tend to judge people on things we wish we could change about ourselves. The crux of this is based on our own insecurities and lack of confidence. Most of the time this is subconscious. If someone is doing something or behaving in a way you wish you could be more like, you’re likely to judge their behaviour to make yourself feel better.

For example: If you’re a quiet person and someone around you is being really loud and gregarious, you might judge them on their behaviour. However, deep down you’re judging yourself based on the fact that you wish you could be more outgoing.


Judgment also comes from our own experiences with things. We have created our own beliefs around how something should be done and we think our way is the only way or the right way. So when someone goes about doing the same thing a different way it’s easy to judge them.

For example: If you have a particular way of doing a specific task and you see someone else doing it differently, it’s easy to judge them for maybe not being as smart, efficient or as organized. Doesn’t mean they actually are any of those things, it’s just how you’re choosing to interpret it based on your own experience and beliefs.


Another judgment trigger is fear. It can be easy to judge someone on something you’ve never done or feel you could never do, despite unconsciously being perfectly capable of doing it.

For example: Maybe you have a fear of flying and you can’t wrap your head around why anyone would want to fly, and you think they’re crazy for doing it. Deep down you probably know this is an unnecessary fear, but based on your belief system there is something that is triggering this judgment.


I think we often associate judgment with negative thoughts.  The fact is, we can also make positive judgments about people.

For example: If someone you don’t know buys you a coffee you would likely make a judgment that they are a kind, generous person.

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