4 Signs You’re Headed Towards Burnout

Signs you're headed towards burnout

Signs you’re headed towards burnout

Let’s be honest – life can feel like a lot sometimes, and burnout is a very real thing.

With constant deadlines, commitments, a family to look after and working towards our goals, it’s easy to feel as though there isn’t any time left to properly take care of ourselves.

In today’s world we tend to push and push until we’ve pushed ourselves too far. It’s important to pay attention to the signs of burnout before we actually crash and burn.

As much as we want to be Wonder Woman or Superman, we need to start realizing when enough is enough.

This is something that has become very real for me lately. I keep asking myself how much more can I actually take on, what is my limit, and can I really do it all? I’m starting to realize I do have limits and my body is trying to tell me to slow down.

In today’s video I want to share the 4 signs of burnout I’m currently experiencing, in hopes it helps you take better care of yourself.

4 Signs of Burnout

Neglecting self care

This is something I really struggle with despite how valuable I know it is. It’s so important to our health to take the time to stop and care for ourselves. This can mean something different for everyone. Maybe it’s getting a massage, finding some quiet time to reflect, reading, running. Just something that helps you recharge. 

Your patience is running thin

If you’re finding yourself being short with people and maybe even a bit snappy it’s important to ask yourself why you’re showing up that way. A lot of the time it’s because you’re feeling overwhelmed and overloaded with too many things. When you feel your blood start to boil, ask yourself what it is you really need in that moment. Usually some deep breaths and some time to yourself to regroup can do wonders.

You’re exhausted

When you constantly feel tired despite getting a decent sleep it’s time to check in with yourself and see how hard you’re working. When your mind isn’t well rested it’s hard for it to function at it’s best. Sometimes your mind needs more than just sleep to rest. Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and give it some breathing room.

Poor diet

When we’re busy it’s much easier to reach for foods that don’t properly nourish us. It’s a vicious cycle because when we’re not feeding ourselves properly it really affects how we feel overall. When we’re stressed and busy, that’s when we should really focus on eating at our best because that’s when we need it most.

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