Benefits of Creating Your Life Map

Your Life Map

Your Life Map

This past year has been all about throwing myself 100% into building a life and business I love. Let’s call it #theyearofsharon2.0! The only problem was I realized I wasn’t really sharing the full story of who I am and creating a business that reached the deepest part of my core. At the end of the day I’m a small town girl from Muskoka who loves adventure, dreaming big and helping others do the same.

I had a huge epiphany this past spring and realized it was time to own my story and create something that will help people own theirs. I’ve developed a coaching concept called your Life Map. Every time I talk about it I can’t help but smile and I’m so excited to share this new vision with you!

The Life Map is a tool designed to help you move forward towards a new destination, to help get you unstuck and build your self-awareness so you can make choices that feel good. Its purpose is to bring you clarity on how you’ve ended up on the road you’re currently on, and how previous experiences, events and people have shaped your belief system, values and self worth. The key is to uncover how certain patterns and choices have taken you off course and how certain passengers and backseat drivers have played a huge role in guiding or distracting you from your purpose. I’ve also created specific programs that will allow you to create your very own Life Map! Think of it as going on a road trip with me as your guide!

The Benefits of Creating your Life Map


Create and achieve goals

Your Life Map helps you tap into the reasons behind your goals so you’re more motivated to actually achieve them. So many times we set a goal but are missing a couple really important links to make it a reality – we don’t have enough inspiration or confidence to follow through with it! When we create your Life Map we’re able to identify patterns in your life that keep getting in the way of your goals. You may have developed certain belief systems or perceptions that are blinding you from seeing what you truly want and what you’re truly capable of.

Feel more confident about making decisions

When we feel stuck in life sometimes it makes it even more challenging to make decisions because you feel you don’t really know what it is you want. By mapping out your past and having a deeper understanding of how you’ve gotten to where you are, it allows you to revisit parts of your life you didn’t realize were so significant! All the experiences, events and people in your life have helped lead you down a different road without you even realizing it. By looking back you may find yourself reconnecting with a part of you, you left behind along the way that will start leading you in a different direction. Once you start down a new path, inspiration strikes and decision making becomes a whole lot easier!

Develop of deeper sense of self-awareness

There is NO doubt that creating your Life Map will lead to more clarity and self-awareness. When you spend that amount of concentrated time looking at your life, it’s hard to ignore the roadblocks that keep presenting themselves. The ‘aha’ moments and breakthrough’s you get by going through this process makes your head spin in a “oh my gosh how did I not know this about myself” type of way. When you have a deeper sense of self-awareness and purpose, it takes your relationships, career and level of life happiness and fulfillment to a whole new level!

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