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Benefits of Creating Your Life Map

Your Life Map

Your Life Map

This past year has been all about throwing myself 100% into building a life and business I love. Let’s call it #theyearofsharon2.0! The only problem was I realized I wasn’t really sharing the full story of who I am and creating a business that reached the deepest part of my core. At the end of the day I’m a small town girl from Muskoka who loves adventure, dreaming big and helping others do the same.

I had a huge epiphany this past spring and realized it was time to own my story and create something that will help people own theirs. I’ve developed a coaching concept called your Life Map. Every time I talk about it I can’t help but smile and I’m so excited to share this new vision with you!

The Life Map is a tool designed to help you move forward towards a new destination, to help get you unstuck and build your self-awareness so you can make choices that feel good. Its purpose is to bring you clarity on how you’ve ended up on the road you’re currently on, and how previous experiences, events and people have shaped your belief system, values and self worth. The key is to uncover how certain patterns and choices have taken you off course and how certain passengers and backseat drivers have played a huge role in guiding or distracting you from your purpose. I’ve also created specific programs that will allow you to create your very own Life Map! Think of it as going on a road trip with me as your guide!