How Lazy Are You?

How lazy are you?

How lazy are you?

This winter has definitely been one for the books!

With all this cold, snow and slush, I’ve been learning some very valuable lessons. As a gal who typically enjoys the summer much more, because I like hiking, hitting up a patio or going to the beach – this time of year can be super challenging.

So, this winter I’ve been working very hard at shifting my mindset – mainly because I’m tired of feeling so blah, grumpy and LAZY! I’ve been doing this by bringing awareness to the “winter stories” aka excuses I’ve been telling myself.

I’ve also realized how my winter mindset applies to other areas in my life and I can’t wait to share my latest revelation with you in this weeks video!

How Lazy Are You?

It’s important to realize most of the time you likely aren’t being lazy. The word lazy is just a lazy word to use instead of discovering what’s really going on instead.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re starting to feel that way.

Do I feel like this is a big time commitment? If so, how realistic is the timeframe I’m currently putting on it?

How complicated do you feel it is? Is there a part of the process you’re dreading the most?

Is there anything about it that makes you feel uncomfortable/anxious?

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