How to Bounce Back From Major Disappointment

How to Bounce Back From Major Disappointment

How to Bounce Back From Major Disappointment

This weeks video is a tough one for me to share. In fact, part of me kinda wants to throw up a little bit knowing anyone can watch it. I decided to open up and be super vulnerable about a couple major disappointments that have happened lately. I wanted to talk about them because I know at the end of the day we’ve all been there. And it’s important to know we’re not alone! I did this video in one take, with no rehearsal or editing cuts. I just wanted it to be as real as possible. It’s not perfect, but what is perfect anyways?

I’ve learned A LOT the past few months by going through some really challenging experiences. I can honestly say it is true that you grow the most from the hardest times in life…and man, I feel like I’ve grown 10 more inches lately!

If you can relate to this video I would LOVE to hear from you. It’s important we stick together through these times. It honestly helps so much when you have awesome passengers by your side!

How to Bounce Back

It’s amazing how we can so easily get hung up on the things we don’t have, and lose sight of all the other amazing things happening in our lives.

Going through this roller coaster of a ride these past few months has been a huge wake up call for me. I understand the importance of gratitude on a whole new level! I’m also learning resilience is something that builds overtime, but how to not become jaded and cynical at the same time.

So many thoughts and feelings to sift through but that’s all part of the journey! We can either choose to be ignorant to them, or deal with them head on and become a better, stronger version of ourselves. You decide! Just know I’m here for you every step of the way. xo

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