How To Pick Yourself Back Up When Life’s Got You Down 1

How To Pick Yourself Back Up When Life's Got You Down

How To Pick Yourself Back Up When Life’s Got You Down

We’ve all been through something that’s taken a bit of a toll on us. For me it was a breakup a few years ago. For others it’s more serious things like health issues, death of loved ones or depression.

No matter how hard life can get we always have a choice when it comes to starring it in the face. Are you going to let it get the best of you, or are you going to pick yourself back up and push through as best you can?

I’m really excited to share this weeks video with you where I interview country singer/songwriter Elyse Saunders who just released her new single ‘Rise’. The story behind this song is so inspirational that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

The Story Behind ‘Rise’

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“Deep down inside, you know you’ve got this, You’re ready to shine, it’s your moment.”

RISE has struck a cord with many communities –  from athletes to women’s groups; this song is not just about Jessica, it’s about anyone who has worked hard to achieve their goals, their dreams, despite the set-backs, in face of all the odds;  It’s about us all.  RISE  

Back Story:

RISE is based on the remarkable true story of Jessica Phoenix, and a near fatal accident she had in May of 2015, while competing at The Jersey Fresh International Horse Trials.  While competing in the cross-country phase, her horse slipped and fell:  her horse was UN-injured, but Jessica lay unconscious, and was rushed to ICU with a lacerated liver, a punctured lung,  3 broken ribs and a shattered sacrum! 

She remained in ICU for a week and then was flown home to Toronto – on an air ambulance, where she would under go surgery to screw her sacrum back  together.  As the PAN AM Gold Medalist in Eventing from the 2011 Games, Jessica was determined to defend her gold medal on home turf, infront of her home crowd:  her doctors were not optimistic, as the 2015 PAN AM Games were weeks away.

But then, they did not know Jessica:  Her unwavering grit and belief in herself was all that she needed to make a full recovery – getting the all clear to return back in the saddle within weeks.  She went on to lead the Canadian Eventing Team, winning an Individual Silver and a Bronze for team Canada on her mount Pavarotti. Jessica’s story is a inspiring example of the determination it takes for one to overcome an unthinkable setback and RISE! 

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