“I’m Boring”: The Story I’ve Been Telling Myself for 15 Years

I'm Boring

I’m Boring

We’ve all developed stories about ourselves we don’t realize are playing in the back of our minds a lot of the time.

For me one of the stories I recently discovered I was telling myself was that I’m boring.

Something happened 15 years ago that made me believe this about myself. I didn’t realize until recently how much it truly affected my level of confidence all these years.

We hold onto so many different emotions certain experiences give us. Until we choose to face them head on, those emotions stay buried in our subconscious.

I’m hoping the story I share with you this week will help you uncover stories you’ve been telling yourself that are holding you back from going after the things you truly want in life.

“I’m Boring”: The Story I’ve Been Telling Myself for 15 Years

The stories we convince ourselves are true are also referred to as our limiting belief. We’re believing something about ourselves but without any real proof that it’s true. Just because someone else thinks it’s true doesn’t mean it is. They are coming to that conclusion based on their own values and beliefs. You need  to ask yourself why you’re giving them the power to make that assumption about you.

A lot of the time we don’t think to look back on our lives to figure out where the story usually stems from. Until we’re aware of it and can let it go it will continue to plague us.

The Life Map tool I’ve created allows you to look back on your life so you can map out your past to jump-start your future. It will show you when your limiting beliefs first appeared because guess what – you weren’t born with them!

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