My Struggle with Having Patience – How I’ve Learned to Chill Out 2

My struggle with patience

My struggle with patience

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been known to be quite determined. When I have my mind set on something there’s no looking back. I throw everything I have into making it happen. Some might call it stubborn, but I believe if it feels right and I’m not hurting myself or anyone else, it’s considered determination.

As many benefits as there are to having a determined mindset, there is one thing I’ve always struggled with – patience! The lack of patience I have tends to produce a lot of anxiety. I have such a vision of where I want to be, but I struggle with the patience to get there. I tend to want it all, and want it now!

Becoming an entrepreneur has really tested my patience, and I realized I needed to create a system that will help me stay more present and enjoy the process. In this weeks video I share a simple strategy that has helped me chill out… a lot! It can also help YOU in many other areas of life, such as boosting motivation or confidence.

How I Conquer my Struggle with Patience

Create Instant Reminders for Yourself

To help me chill out I created sticky notes with little reminders for me. With my lack of patience and always feeling like I should be 10 steps ahead, messages like “enjoy the process”, “breathe”, celebrate you success”, worked really well for me.

This strategy works well with anything you might be struggling with. Maybe you need reminders to stay motivated, or to help boost your confidence. Have fun creating as many as you like and put them in different areas of your home. Make sure to keep these notes positive – words that will make you feel good!

I would love for you to share some of your favourite reminders in the comments below so we can help inspire each other!

You may find after a bit of time you need to switch up the location of the notes because you stop noticing them.











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