Should I Text My Ex?

Should I text my ex?

Should I text my ex?

How many times have you picked up your phone with the urge to text your ex? I’m not alone in this, right?

Maybe it’s because you feel lonely, you’re curious what they’re up to or you feel they should know about the amazing things going on in your life!

Most of the time when we actually press send in that moment it’s followed with feelings of pure anxiety. It’s because you’ve now opened the gates to the unknown. It’s out of your hands now and you’re left constantly checking your phone for a reply and feel tortured with every minute that goes by without a peep.

So before you press that send button I want you to ask yourself a couple of really important questions. They will help bring you clarity as to whether or not it’s a good idea to reach out to them.

These questions also work with any decision in life you’re looking to make. I literally ask myself these two questions ALL THE TIME!

Check out this weeks video to find out what they are!

Should I Text My Ex?

As humans we tend to be very reactionary. We have such strong emotions that we sometimes forget to ask ourselves what’s really best for us. It’s important we pay attention to our emotions but also take the time to work through the emotional fog by understanding what’s triggering our emotions.

The two questions I always ask myself to help keep me in check are:

Questions #1: What is my intention?
Figure out what your ‘why’ is behind what you’re doing. What’s motivating you to take action?

Question #2: What are my expectations?
Do you expect a certain outcome from the action you’re taking? Will you be ok if it’s not what you’re expecting? Are you able to let go of any expectations you do have?

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