How Nice Are You? Stop the Negative Self Talk

Are you nice to yourself?

Are you nice to yourself?

How nice are you to yourself? Do you speak to yourself like you would your best friend? I don’t know about you but I’m definitely harder on myself than I would be to anyone else. Becoming an entrepreneur brought that out even more! All of a sudden I’m literally face to face with myself in everything I do, everything I create and every decision I make. I have no one else to blame for the mistakes I make or the inevitable ‘”failures” I feel I endure. I’ve had to work really hard at being kind to myself because I’ve realized the harder I am on myself the more I’m self sabotaging and playing small.

This weeks video is to help bring awareness to the way you might be treating yourself without even realizing it!

Stop the Negative Self Talk

It’s important to recognize and catch ourselves when we’re engaging in negative self-talk. I feel many of us don’t even realize when and how we’re treating ourselves badly because we’re kind of immune to it. A great way to recognize this behaviour is to challenge yourself by asking “what is one thing i’ve been holding back in and why?” You will likely discover your answer stems from fear which is linked with a feeling of not feeling good enough in some way, which leads to negative self-talk. The more awareness you bring to the way you treat yourself the easier it will be to start changing the negative self talk pattern.

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