Why Going to NYC Feels Like the Best Idea Ever!



Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to live in NYC. I wrote about it in my journal and day dreamed about it constantly. I wanted to attend Juilliard so badly I even had them mail me an info package so I could try and plan out how exactly I was going to make it happen. Let’s just say between the tuition costs and my acting background it didn’t quite happen.

My dream may not have happened exactly how I envisioned it, but I’m really excited to say that I just booked a ticket to NYC without knowing exactly when I’m coming back. The timing couldn’t be more perfect right now and everything flowed into place with such ease. That’s when you know it’s right.

I’ve been trying to focus more on allowing things to flow in my life instead of forcing them. Forcing something to happen never feels good, and it usually never turns out how you envisioned it. This week I take a look at different times in my life that felt forced vs. when it just flowed.

Is there something in your life you’re trying to force right now? Ask yourself how well that’s working for ya.