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How to Get People to Notice You

How to get people to notice you

How to get people to notice you

This past year I’ve learned a really big lesson when it comes to getting people to notice me.

For about 9 years I became quite quiet and really comfortable doing the same thing day after day. At the same time I also felt frustrated because nothing was changing in my life. Now I realize how small I was keeping myself. I was afraid to take more initiative or risks because I was afraid I would fail. I just assumed people knew what I was good at and when the time was right opportunities would just come my way.

Let me tell you – that kind of thinking rarely gets you anywhere! If you want more out of life and people to notice you, you have to find ways to create opportunities for yourself.

It’s important to realize Prince Charming isn’t just going to fall from the sky, or that job isn’t just going to magically appear in front of you. You need to take action and put yourself out there!