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How to Make Friends at a New Job

How to make friends at a new job

How to make friends at a new job

It’s hard enough starting at a new job. Add in trying to fit in and make new friends and the transition feels ten times more nerve racking! It’s hard to be the new person, and can feel really lonely.

I remember when I switched to a different high school in grade 12 and had to make friends with people who already had their group of friends. I had no clue how to approach new people because everyone I knew before, I had grown up with and there was a level of safety there. At this new school I was all alone and felt very lost. To the point where I ate lunch alone in a bathroom stall! Teenage years are fun aren’t they? 😉

As we get older we may find different ways to cope, or we don’t care what people think as much. However, our insecurities will still sneak up on us at times and that’s ok! You’re not alone. If you’re starting at a new job or a new school and are feeling a bit uneasy and nervous about meeting people, check out this weeks video to help ease your mind and get you over the hump.