Santa Barbara California

California Dreamin’: My Hike to Inspiration Point

My hike to Inspiration Point

My hike to Inspiration Point

A hike to Inspiration Point! What could be more inspiring than that?

When I arrived to Santa Barbara I decided to explore the beautiful nature spots this place has to offer. It was a hot day but I was feeling extra alive under the sun and surrounded by nature.

I started my adventure that day at the Botanic Gardens, where I may have gotten a little lost. How you can get lost in a botanic garden is beyond me, but somehow I found myself in a place I eventually realized I shouldn’t be!

I then made my way up the mountains of California to see what inspiration I could find!

Although, I realized that as much as I try to seek out inspiration, it usually just ends up finding me. However, I know if I give myself the space just to be, without forcing thoughts and expectations it flows more easily.

I hope you enjoy EPS. 03 of my VLOG ‘California Dreamin’: Finding Inspiration


California Dreamin’: What is Relaxation?

What is relaxation?

What is relaxation?

Relaxation has always been super challenging for me. Even when I’m on vacation! I always feel like there’s so much to see or do. Anytime I go on a vacation I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation lol.

While I was visiting Santa Barbara California I was very aware of the anxious feeling I had when I wasn’t sure I was going to see everything I wanted to in the span of a day and a half.

I had a little pep talk with myself to remind myself to just chill out and be present. This led to me having some cool unexpected adventures! And you know what? I left feeling relaxed, happy and accomplished. Even if I didn’t check everything off my to-do list.

I hope you enjoy EPS. 02 of my VLOG ‘California Dreamin’: What is Relaxation?’


California Dreamin’: Stepping Into The Unknown 1

California Dreamin': Stepping Into The Unknown

California Dreamin’: Stepping Into The Unknown

I thought I would step outside my comfort zone this week and try something new. I just got back from an adventure in California and decided to vlog about my experience while I was there!

This is the first episode of a 5-part series called “The Life Map: California Dreamin’ ” where I completely let loose, have fun, and share my lessons along the way. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

In this first episode I share why I’m even going to California, how I encountered some airport drama, and how I took a big leap of faith stepping into the unknown in Santa Barbara!