How to Declutter Your Life

It’s super challenging to declutter your condo, house, office etc. It’s hard to say goodbye to items you’ve had for awhile or invested in. Many of us choose to hold onto things for various reasons, but it’s time to decide if it’s worth keeping! Maybe the item has sentimental value, maybe you spent a lot of money on it, or perhaps you have guilt getting rid of it because you feel you didn’t use it or wear it enough.

One thing I know for sure is that a cluttered space really does take a toll on you mentally. It can feel stressful and overwhelming to constantly be surrounded by STUFF!

My friend Laura was feeling this exact way living in her condo so I paid her a visit to coach her through letting go of certain items in her closet so should can create more space in her home and her life!

I’m hoping her purging story will help inspire you to tackle the clutter in your home so you can feel lighter and more at ease.