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How Instagram Almost Made Me Lose Real Friends

How Instagram almost made me lose real friends

How Instagram almost made me lose real friends

A couple weeks ago I had what you can call a social media nightmare! It made me realize how much we really turn to social media for the truth about things, when in fact most of the time we’re only getting a small portion of something much bigger.

I know people who scroll through other peoples social feeds and compare their life to it, which only leaves them feeling more empty inside. Others worry about judgement, while some spend hours creeping someone’s profile trying to find answers to something. Before they know it they’ve gone down this rabbit hole ending up on someone else’s profile they don’t even know!

It’s a whole other world that we on some level believe to be reality, but a lot of the time we’re left filling in the blanks with our own stories not even realizing it! These stories usually aren’t pleasant and leave us with really uncomfortable feelings.

My social media story has to do with my Instagram. Check out this weeks video to find out what happened!