Whispering Springs

GLAMPING ADVENTURES: How to Reconnect with Yourself

Glamping at Whispering Springs

Glamping at Whispering Springs

The last time I went camping was with my sisters, cousin and niece about 15 years ago. We packed our tents, cooler and sleeping bags, and huddled together on the hard and lumpy ground to keep warm.

Camping has changed quite a bit since then. It’s even changed it’s name to glamping! My sister and I had the opportunity to experience this new camping experience sans outhouse at the beautiful “Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat.”

You can now enjoy the great outdoors in a mansion sized tent complete with a king size bed, soaker tub, and electric fireplace. To top off this luxury camping experience, my sister and I had the pleasure of also enjoying a yoga and wellness retreat while we were there.

It was exactly what my body and soul was craving. An escape from the city, healthy food, yoga and an opportunity to reconnect with myself. This is why as a Coach I also love creating retreats. It’s amazing what some time away mixed with some adventure can do!