California Dreamin’: Trust and Let Go

Trust and Let Go

Trust and Let Go

Trust and let go. These words have been playing on repeat in my mind for some time now.

Most recently this new line of thinking came into play during my recent trip to California. It’s always been a dream of mine to do a photoshoot in L.A, cause let’s be honest – it sounds pretty freakin’ fun and cool! So here I was, making the dream a reality! However, I felt completely outside my comfort zone. Thank goodness for my photographer/friend Kate, whose skills I relied on heavily!

I’m not used to being in an unfamiliar city with lots of eyes on me as I try to figure out how to pose like most of the models in L.A. I’m a country girl who grew up in a small town who was taught to just smile at the camera and say cheese.

I quickly realized I needed to get out of my own head or these photos were going to be disastrous! I literally just allowed myself to have complete trust in Kate and the process by reminding myself to just trust and let go.

I soon found myself relaxing more and more and ended up having sooo much fun! It truly is amazing what can happen when you allow yourself to experience something new and a little scary!

Check out this weeks VLOG where I take you behind the scenes of my L.A photoshoot!


California Dreamin’: How to Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest Your Dreams

Do you know how to manifest your dreams? I heard that term so many times, but it always felt like it was all a bit of woo woo to be honest. Until, one day it actually happened!

This past spring I felt inspired to visit L.A. The only problem was, I had no real reason to go there and I couldn’t justify a random trip all the way out to the west coast. So,I decided to reach out to some people and plant some seeds to see if I could create some type of opportunity for myself.

I heard back from some people but it all seemed to be a dead end. However, I still couldn’t shake this feeling that I was meant to pay a visit there.

Then out of nowhere I heard from my friends Kim and Mel who were in town visiting from L.A. I met them for lunch and as we were sitting there they mentioned how they were looking for guest teachers for their “You Got This Girl” workshop in L.A. BAM! It was happening. The dream I wanted to come true was manifesting before my eyes!

Not only that, but once the wheels were in motion everything else fell into place so seamlessly! I LOVE when that happens.

I all of a sudden had a place to stay, and was able to take a mini vacation to Santa Barbara before the workshop! (Check out EPS 02 of California Dreamin’: What is Relaxation) PLUS I had the opportunity to have an L.A photoshoot with a talented photog friend who also happened to be there during that time. Stay tuned for EPS 05 of California Dreamin’ to see how that adventure unfolds!

It’s amazing what you can create for yourself with the right intentions and opening yourself up to all possibilities!

I hope you enjoy EPS. 04 of my VLOG ‘California Dreamin’: Manifest Your Dreams, where I help others manifest their own at the YGTG workshop!