The Real Reason I Became a Life Coach

The Real Reason I Became a Life Coach

The Real Reason I Became a Life Coach

When I decided to become a Life Coach it wasn’t on a whim and it wasn’t just because I love living a life full of positivity and fulfillment. For me, there’s a lot of different layers to it. 

There are three things I’m really passionate about. Teaching, connecting and sharing with others. Living with these intentions I hope I’m able to inspire, empower and help those who are open to it and need it.

This week I felt inspired to share a bit more about who I am with you. To give you a deeper look at my past and to see if there’s anything that might resonate with you. 

Any time we share a piece of ourselves with others it allows us to connect on a whole other level. When you teach, you share, which allows you to connect – and that’s why I’m passionate about all those things. They all work in tandem together.

Why I Became a Life Coach

I would love for you to share a little something about yourself if you’re feeling inspired to do so. Maybe a story that’s stuck with you since you were young, or maybe the biggest lesson you’ve learned in life so far. Please feel free to leave comments below or connect with me over email. I also offer 30 minute complimentary calls if there’s something you would like to share over the phone. Let’s all start sharing and connecting with one another more! 

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