LEAP OF FAITH: Zipline and Treetop Trekking Adventures

Treetop trekking at Blue Mountain

Treetop trekking at Blue Mountain

Wherever my Life Map takes me I’m always on the lookout for amazing adventures!

I recently took a trip up to Blue Mountain, Ontario, where I partnered with NIVEA to give a talk on how to feel good in your skin. After the presentation was over I swapped my jeans for workout pants and met my friend, country music singer Brittany Brodie, for a fun fall outdoor adventure at the Blue Mountain Resort!

Brittany may have been a little more hesitant than I was when I told her we were going ziplning and treetop trekking. Brit isn’t a huge fan of heights so this was completely outside her comfort zone. However, with a little coaching and encouragement, I’m really proud how far she pushed herself.

I also surprised myself when an unexpected fear crept up that caught me a bit off guard.

See what it took for us to work through our nerves in this weeks video!

Zipline and Treetop Trekking in Blue Mountain

What’s one of your biggest fears? Have you tried facing it? I can’t tell you enough how much conquering a fear boosts your overall confidence levels in so many areas of your life. As uncomfortable as it is, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!

Happy adventuring!

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