what to do at Blue Mountain

LEAP OF FAITH: Zipline and Treetop Trekking Adventures

Treetop trekking at Blue Mountain

Treetop trekking at Blue Mountain

Wherever my Life Map takes me I’m always on the lookout for amazing adventures!

I recently took a trip up to Blue Mountain, Ontario, where I partnered with NIVEA to give a talk on how to feel good in your skin. After the presentation was over I swapped my jeans for workout pants and met my friend, country music singer Brittany Brodie, for a fun fall outdoor adventure at the Blue Mountain Resort!

Brittany may have been a little more hesitant than I was when I told her we were going ziplning and treetop trekking. Brit isn’t a huge fan of heights so this was completely outside her comfort zone. However, with a little coaching and encouragement, I’m really proud how far she pushed herself.

I also surprised myself when an unexpected fear crept up that caught me a bit off guard.

See what it took for us to work through our nerves in this weeks video!