Trust Your Gut – 3 Signs to Watch out for 1

Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut

That constant battle between our head and our gut is a tough one to navigate. There are times when we’re faced with a decision and logically we know what makes sense. The only problem is it just doesn’t feel right. That feeling is your intuition and it’s trying to tell you something.

There are many times we choose to ignore this feeling because it seems risky. There’s no solid evidence telling us this is the right move to make. However, most of the time when we choose not to listen to our intuition we end up wishing we had. To help you gain more confidence in trusting your gut, check out my 3 signs you should pay close attention to in this weeks video.

When to Listen to Your Gut:

Despite the Facts you Can’t Commit

Everything might make total sense on paper…so if that’s the case it should be a no brainer, right? So what’s keeping you from moving forward? Something isn’t sitting right, and your gut is trying to let you know. Be careful not to ignore those feelings. When you ignore it that’s when you might end up going down the wrong career path, or get into the wrong relationship, or even marriage!

You’re Looking for a Sign

You’re looking outside of yourself for an answer because you know something isn’t quite right. We tend to do this a lot through other people. Sometimes we ask the opinions of others but secretly we already know what we want them to say. Even if we may not realize it. Sometimes we’re seeking validation to help us confirm that feeling in our gut.

You Keep Trying to Convince Yourself

You find yourself coming up with all the best reasons in the world as to why something is a good/bad decision. You’re trying to convince yourself what to do. But here’s the thing – you wouldn’t need to convince yourself if the decision felt right. You would just do it no questions asked. Pay attention to when you start questioning yourself. Your gut is trying to tell you something.

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