Up Your Summer Fun!

Summer Fun!

Summer Fun!

A couple of weeks ago I held an event called #summerofme, where I guided people through how to have their most incredible summer ever! I find many of us tend to do the same activities every year, which doesn’t allow us to grow, step outside our comfort zone and learn new things. I encourage you to make a point of thinking about how summer 2016 can be different from the rest. How can you transform these next few months into something you will be talking about for years to come? Check out this weeks video for a few easy tips on how to up your summertime fun!

How to have a #summerofme


Step #1

The first step in creating a memorable summer is thinking about how you want to feel. Write down as many feelings as you like. Planning your activities and adventures around these different emotions will make you feel good about how you’re spending your time. If you find yourself saying yes to things that aren’t giving you the feeling you want to experience, you know you’re not staying true to your intentions.

Step #2

Create your fun list! Write out all the things you want to do this summer that relates to one of the feelings you want to experience. Really try to avoid putting things on your list you already know are going to happen, like patio days with friends etc. I want you to think bigger than that. Create some amazing experiences for yourself and believe you can make them happen!

Step #3

Set goals for yourself.  It’s important to create deadlines and be accountable. We can come up with all these amazing ideas but we want to make sure we’re putting them into action! You end up feeling on top of the world when you actually follow through with things – believe me! When you create your fun list write down next to it when you plan to actually do it. Set an exact date or a deadline and put it in your calendar! It can also be beneficial to recruit some “fun buddies” who you know will be up for a little adventure! That can also help to keep you accountable.

Now get out there and have the best #summerofme possible!

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