Why it’s OK to Cry 1

Why it's ok to Cry

Why it’s ok to Cry

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with crying. It feels so good to let it all out, but when it shows up when we don’t really want it to we can end up feeling a lot of shame and embarrassment around it.

This type of vulnerability makes many of us feel weak. I’m always fighting against this stigma because the way I see it is  it takes a lot of strength to be willing to express emotion, or own it when it happens.

Last week I released a video where I got emotional. It didn’t stop me from putting it out there but I did have to get out of my own head a little bit and put aside my fear of what other people might think.

Since releasing the video and receiving an overwhelming positive response, it became more clear why I knew I wanted to share that video. I’ve come to realize that sharing my journey isn’t about me. It’s about others. I think that’s why I’m able to be ok with my vulnerability. I see it more as a service than anything else.

It’s amazing that when you can own who you are and how you feel, how much you give permission to others to do the same.

I’m excited to share this weeks video with you where I dive more into why its important to allow yourself to feel.

Cry it out! 

Anytime you feel like crying I challenge you to just let it out. Tears are just energy that need to be released from our bodies. If we don’t let it out it has nowhere to go and will just continue to build up until we can’t take it anymore. When this happens it’s more likely we’ll end up releasing it in a less healthier way. Sometimes it feels good to let it out when we’re alone but having the right type of support around us is important as well.

I would love to hear how you feel about crying. Do you like it? Do you feel ashamed by it? Why? Let’s start the conversation in the comments below!

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