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How to Make Tough Decisions

Students Holding Question Markes, What Kind of Future Could Have?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! We’re faced with them every single day – some are easier to make than others, like what to have for lunch…although sometimes that decision hurts my brain far more than it should!

Many times in life we’re faced with much tougher decisions like moving, career changes, or leaving a relationship. There are times you probably feel like your head is going to explode and you recite the words “I don’t know what to do!” over and over again.  Truth is, you know exactly what to do – the answer lies within you somewhere, you just need to peel back the layers to find it.  In this weeks video I tell you why you’re feeling blocked and how to access the answer you’re looking for!


What is Life Coaching?

How many times a day do you feel frustrated, stressed, or overwhelmed?  Have you ever asked yourself if you could benefit from having a Coach?

Athletes have a Coach to guide them to peak performance.  Why not take your life to that same level?

More and more people keep reaching out to me and asking what exactly coaching is, how it works and how they can benefit from it.  So in this weeks video I have the answers to all your questions!

Check it out!


I’m Reinventing Valentines Day! 1


Ok…I have an idea I really want to share with you that might be a little outside the box. I want to change things up this year and get really creative this Valentines Day…which is quickly approaching!

I am redefining this anticipated day of romance and I’m inviting you to join me by giving YOURSELF a little love this Sunday.

If you tend to dread February 14th I think this new V-Day definition will inspire you to continue this new tradition for years to come…and not necessarily just on this one day!

Check it out in this weeks video!


Stop Underestimating Yourself!

“I don’t know how to do this on my own…I need him/her in my life to help me!”

This can be a common thought for a lot of people who are afraid to leave a relationship because it can feel really daunting to take on so many tasks and responsibilities alone.  It’s nice to feel you have someone in your corner.  It’s comfortable and it feels safe.  I just want to make sure it’s not one of the only reasons you’re in it.  Trust me when I say you’re never alone – regardless if you have a partner or not.

In this weeks video I share my insights on how to latch onto your own independence and how liberating it can feel!