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Making the Impossible Possible: The Soul Adventure Retreat 2017

Life is funny sometimes. I actually catch myself laughing out loud at times when I’m able to witness how seamlessly things fall into place. When I’m able to see clearly how certain things are meant to come together. Lately, I’ve been chuckling at how the first retreat I co-hosted actually became a reality.

About a year ago I received a message on Instagram from a girl I had never met. Her name is Sarah, and she lives on a farm in Costa Rica. She reached out saying she really wanted to host a retreat and was looking for the perfect co-host. I felt so honoured that I had made the cut! After a couple Skype calls we both had a really good feeling about working together and decided to move forward with the planning.

Over the past year we worked at getting all the pieces in place. There were some people I know who were skeptical about us pulling this off, and I’m not going to lie – sometimes I felt that way to. The whole ‘who am I to do something like this’ complex kept creeping in. But when you have a partner to help keep you motivated and accountable it helps!

When we got our first booking that’s when everything started to feel real. The panic we felt was also very real because now we had to make sure we could get enough ladies to come! Luckily everything flowed into place and I truly believe it’s because this retreat was definitely meant to happen.

The bonds that were made, the transformations that took place, and the adventures we embarked on created an unforgettable experience.

Without knowing it, these ladies also gave me a gift. Without them I wouldn’t have known what I’m truly capable of. I wouldn’t have discovered my full potential and realize there’s a leader inside of me that’s been squirming to get out. I want to thank each one of them for their amazing energy and being so open to letting me teach them my Life Map program.

I’m super excited to share the video I created of The Soul Adventure Retreat 2017! I know this is just the beginning of something truly amazing, and I can’t wait to announce the next adventure!

Who’s in?!