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What I Learned Milking a Cow: Costa Rica

What I Learned Milking a Cow

What I Learned Milking a Cow

ADVENTURE: Any experience in life that allows you to learn and grow.

Anytime I’m traveling and I have the opportunity to explore or try something new, I’m like ‘bring it on!’ My goal is to experience as much as I can in this lifetime. Even if it’s something as basic as milking a cow.

While I was in Costa Rica I stayed with my Soul Adventure Retreat co-host, Sarah, on her farm. I told her I wanted to experience doing the morning chores. I knew this was an opportunity I would never have back home in the city – and it made me excited!

It’s funny how something that seemed exciting to me is a hum-drum every day routine for someone else – and one I’m sure they would love to skip now and then. Mind you – I’m sure if I had to get up early everyday and do farm chores, the novelty would quickly wear off.

It was amazing to witness a completely different life than what I’m used to. I kept asking myself if I could live this full-time Costa Rica farm life. I know I would miss my North American conveniences but would I eventually get used to a brand new life somewhere else?

Whether or not I would love it is yet to be determined – but what it made me realize is that we so often fantasize about living a certain life, or reaching a specific goal because we have this idea of what exactly it will feel like when we achieve it. However – most of the time we rarely feel how we expected to in the end. Expectations get in the way, along with not realizing reality always feels different than a fantasy. Fantasies don’t take into account the fears that pop up along the way. They also don”t give you a full 360 degree view of what the experience will entail.

The biggest lesson I learned (and I’m still learning) is to truly understand my intention in the choices I make. To get honest with myself about what I want and why I want it. When you can remind yourself of that and keep asking yourself if every action you take is serving your intention – you have the ability to feel more grounded, happy and fulfilled.

My intention in milking a cow was simply to experience it. I didn’t have any expectations when it came to how much milk we were going to get, or if I was going to become a pro milker.

How would life feel different for you if your intention was to just fully experience every situation that came your way?


Jungle Life in Costa Rica

Jungle Life in Costa Rica

Jungle Life in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been filled with so many adventures and I have learned so much. Everything from how to use a machete to how banana trees grow.

I love seeing and experiencing how the locals live. It gives me such a greater perspective of the world, allows me to learn new skills and to be grateful for the little things in life we so easily take for granted.

I hope one day you have the opportunity to visit and explore this beautiful country and absorb everything it has to offer.


Costa Rica Adventures: Orange Picking

Orange Picking

Orange Picking

Hola from Costa Rica! I am absolutely in love with this country. I’m so grateful my retreat co-host, Sarah, lives in this beautiful place and I have the opportunity to stay on her farm before heading further south to host the Soul Adventure Retreat.

One of the first adventures I had on the farm was orange picking with her adorable sons. They taught me all about oranges and how to make the perfect cup of freshly squeezed OJ.

It’s amazing how something that seems so simple can turn into a really fun adventure and an opportunity to learn new things.


How to Gain Clarity in Your Life

How to gain clarity in your life

How to gain clarity in your life

A common theme I hear quite often from people is they lack clarity in their life. Whether it’s to do with their job or in their relationships.

I’ve discovered a few reasons why people struggle so much with this.

For one, people don’t take time to really reflect on their life and think about what they really want in the first place. Deep down they don’t believe they’ll ever discover what it is they truly want so they don’t really bother trying to even figure it out. It’s also challenging for many people to wrap their head around the concept that life is a journey. These days people want answers and they want them now. We don’t have patience with ourselves to venture down that self discovery road. It seems easier just to live each day out – but are you really living if you aren’t truly happy? Is it too much work that you would rather just settle?

There’s also a lot of fear and limiting beliefs that get in the way. If you don’t feel its even possible, then you’re right – it isn’t. But what if it is? You never know unless you open yourself up to the possibilities.

The Life Map is a program that really helps give people clarity about their lives by understanding how their past has shaped them and what fears and limiting beliefs are blocking them for seeing what it really is that they want in life.

Recently I hosted a retreat in Costa Rica where I had the opportunity to take a group of women through the Life Map Program. It was amazing to see the transformations that took place and how they released so many roadblocks!

Check out this weeks video to hear how the Life Map has helped guide these ladies forward.


Making the Impossible Possible: The Soul Adventure Retreat 2017

Life is funny sometimes. I actually catch myself laughing out loud at times when I’m able to witness how seamlessly things fall into place. When I’m able to see clearly how certain things are meant to come together. Lately, I’ve been chuckling at how the first retreat I co-hosted actually became a reality.

About a year ago I received a message on Instagram from a girl I had never met. Her name is Sarah, and she lives on a farm in Costa Rica. She reached out saying she really wanted to host a retreat and was looking for the perfect co-host. I felt so honoured that I had made the cut! After a couple Skype calls we both had a really good feeling about working together and decided to move forward with the planning.

Over the past year we worked at getting all the pieces in place. There were some people I know who were skeptical about us pulling this off, and I’m not going to lie – sometimes I felt that way to. The whole ‘who am I to do something like this’ complex kept creeping in. But when you have a partner to help keep you motivated and accountable it helps!

When we got our first booking that’s when everything started to feel real. The panic we felt was also very real because now we had to make sure we could get enough ladies to come! Luckily everything flowed into place and I truly believe it’s because this retreat was definitely meant to happen.

The bonds that were made, the transformations that took place, and the adventures we embarked on created an unforgettable experience.

Without knowing it, these ladies also gave me a gift. Without them I wouldn’t have known what I’m truly capable of. I wouldn’t have discovered my full potential and realize there’s a leader inside of me that’s been squirming to get out. I want to thank each one of them for their amazing energy and being so open to letting me teach them my Life Map program.

I’m super excited to share the video I created of The Soul Adventure Retreat 2017! I know this is just the beginning of something truly amazing, and I can’t wait to announce the next adventure!

Who’s in?!


How a Retreat in Costa Rica Can Change Your Life

Costa Rica Retreat

Costa Rica Retreat

I’m counting down the days until I get to hop on a plane to Costa Rica and join a group of AMAZING ladies!

From March 5th – 11th I’ll be co-hosting a women’s retreat that’s so much more than just a vacation. It will be an opportunity to escape, get grounded, and reconnect with yourself.

I know for me life is full of to-do lists and running from one thing to the next. It’s rare any of us have time to just stop and think about what it is we truly want. It’s important to step away and take time to gain clarity around your life and goals. Where are you headed? Where is it you really want to go? And what do you need to work through to make it a reality?

I also know when I’m in a warm place, surrounded by nature and able to relax, I become more inspired. That’s why we decided to have this retreat in Costa Rica!

We want to create an environment that will give you the perfect balance of relaxation, adventure and connection with others on a similar journey.

I’ve worked at retreats before and the energy that comes from these is something I’ve never experienced. I can’t even explain it. It’s something you really need to experience for yourself!

Check out this weeks video for more information about the retreat and how to reserve your spot today! We’re also currently offering an early bird discount of $200 off until the end of the month!

I hope to see you soon under the Costa Rican sun!