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How to Gain Clarity in Your Life

How to gain clarity in your life

How to gain clarity in your life

A common theme I hear quite often from people is they lack clarity in their life. Whether it’s to do with their job or in their relationships.

I’ve discovered a few reasons why people struggle so much with this.

For one, people don’t take time to really reflect on their life and think about what they really want in the first place. Deep down they don’t believe they’ll ever discover what it is they truly want so they don’t really bother trying to even figure it out. It’s also challenging for many people to wrap their head around the concept that life is a journey. These days people want answers and they want them now. We don’t have patience with ourselves to venture down that self discovery road. It seems easier just to live each day out – but are you really living if you aren’t truly happy? Is it too much work that you would rather just settle?

There’s also a lot of fear and limiting beliefs that get in the way. If you don’t feel its even possible, then you’re right – it isn’t. But what if it is? You never know unless you open yourself up to the possibilities.

The Life Map is a program that really helps give people clarity about their lives by understanding how their past has shaped them and what fears and limiting beliefs are blocking them for seeing what it really is that they want in life.

Recently I hosted a retreat in Costa Rica where I had the opportunity to take a group of women through the Life Map Program. It was amazing to see the transformations that took place and how they released so many roadblocks!

Check out this weeks video to hear how the Life Map has helped guide these ladies forward.