Does Your Job Define You?

Does Your Job Define You?

Does Your Job Define You?

I’ve been wrestling a lot lately with who I am vs. what I do. Ever since leaving my full time job and stepping into a new role, I’ve wondered if who I once was is still a part of who I am.

I’ve had numerous jobs in my life, and once I reached a point where I felt I had a ‘career’, that became my identity. One of the first questions people typically ask you is “what do you do?”. As if what I do is going to give them some giant clue as to who I am as a human.

I find it so fascinating how people react to this question based on how they define themselves by their job. Some people are proud of what they do, while others hold a lot of shame around their job. They sometimes even feel the need to justify why they have a particular job.

In this weeks video I want to help you see you’re so much more than what you do for a living. Check it out.

How do you let your job define you?

Remember -it’s not about what you do in life, It’s about how you choose to show up in what you do. It’s important to take the time and ask yourself what makes you unique and special – not within your job, but overall in life!

It might even help to write down little reminders or create a little mantra to repeat to yourself to help keep you centred.


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