How to Bring Joy to You and Those Around You 3

How to Bring Joy to You and Those Around You

How to Bring Joy to You and Those Around You

Wanna know one of life’s biggest game changers? I make a conscious effort everyday to do more of this one thing, and it has created such joy for myself and others around me. It’s something so simple, yet I see so many people not doing it!

Joy is what feeds a positive mindset. Without creating joy in your life, it’s much more difficult to remain in high spirits. Joy is also contagious. When you’re able to live with a joyful heart it shows other people how they can do the same.

Engaging with people around us is a big part of what can bring us joy. However, with all the distractions in life like cell phones and busy schedules, we forget to create space for those moments that can bring us joy. A lot of the time they’re right in front of us, but can be gone in a flash if we’re not paying attention.

In this weeks video I want to remind you how one simple act can not only shift your day to a much happier place, but also those around you. Give it a try and see how different you feel!

Create More Joy in Your Life  

One of my favourite things to do that brings more joy into my life is making a point of engaging more with people in the customer service industry. Having worked there myself it’s unbelievable how many customers walk by without acknowledging the people who work there. It’s as though they forget they’re human beings. It can be such a beautiful moment if we take the time to smile, say hello and make eye contact with someone. It’s truly remarkable how such a small thing can create such a big impact and so much joy!

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