How to Deal With The Backseat Drivers in Your Life

How to Deal With the Backseat Drivers in Your Life

How to Deal With the Backseat Drivers in Your Life

Backseat drivers are part of the Life Map language. They are people in your life that you have allowed to control you in some way. Notice how I said YOU’VE allowed to control YOU.

Think about when you’re driving and you have someone in the backseat telling you how to drive or which way to go. You still have control of the wheel, but sometimes that other voice in your ear makes you question your own skills and abilities. So sometimes you choose to listen to them instead of your own inner GPS.

Recognizing who the backseat drivers are in your life will help you set boundaries and remain authentic to who you are and what you want. We can learn the greatest lessons from our backseat drivers if we’re open to learning about ourselves through the challenges they present us with. We can uncover many unhealthy patterns in our life by taking a look at how our backseat drivers have influenced us. Once we understand the lessons in these encounters we can take that information into the present and alter how we communicate and hold onto our power.

In this weeks video I share a couple tools that will help with your anger and frustration when you’re face to face with a backseat driver.

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Signs of a Backseat Driver  

  • They try and convince you that their way is the right way
  • They’re bossy
  • They try and keep you small by belittling you or putting you down
  • They try to control you and/or manipulate you
  • They take advantage of you
  • They have a negative attitude
  • Overall they don’t make you feel good

Backseat drivers come from a place of fear. What this means is they have developed a belief system during their own Life Map journey that makes them feel if they aren’t in control something bad is going to happen. The best thing you can do is remind yourself that you’re the one in control of your feelings and how you want to show up. The choice is always yours.

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