Reach Your Full Potential: The #1 Question to Ask Yourself

Reach Your Full Potential

Reach Your Full Potential

We’re all striving to reach our full potential. Why else would we beat ourselves up, not feel we’re good enough, or keep wondering what else is out there? I think where most of us get stuck is not knowing what the next step is. Or that the next step is a risky one.

Our fears get in the way a lot. The thoughts that enter our mind when we think about taking a risk, tend to revolve around the worst case scenario. These thoughts keep us from making any big changes in our life.

It’s funny because even when we try to pump ourselves up, we tend to ask ourselves “what’s the worst that can happen?” At the end of the day we’re still coming from a really negative place.

As I was heading to teach one of my fitness classes last week, I saw something that hit me hard. I came across a massive ad plastered all over the walls in one of the subway stations. It had a giant tag line that will really change the way you look at your life! Apparently you can learn a thing or two from advertisements!

If you truly want to start living up to your full potential, start using the question I’m about to share with you in this weeks video.

Reach Your Full Potential

Replacing the question “what’s the worst that can happen” to “what’s the best that can happen”, we start thinking bigger, manifesting more and taking more action!

This question allows us to see what it is we truly want. When we start thinking of the best case scenario we start to get more excited which leads to us feeling more motivated. We end up creating a stronger vision of what we want and how to make it happen.

I want to throw out a challenge to you. Anytime you ask yourself “what’s the worst that can happen?”change it to “what’s the best that can happen?” Start to notice how much different you feel!

I would love to hear how your experience with this goes, so make sure to leave your feedback in the comments below!

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