Feeling Overwhelmed With Life – The #1 Tip to Combat Stress

Feeling Overwhelmed With Life

Feeling Overwhelmed With Life

The past few months have felt like a massive roller coaster ride. Sometimes I want to scream and get off the ride ASAP and sometimes I want to throw my hands up in the air with delight and giggle my way through the entire ride.

Life is hard. Life is messy. It’s also beautiful and amazing.

When we feel stressed and overwhelmed it’s hard to always see the beauty in it.

My mind has been feeling very scattered lately. I’ve been struggling to stay focused because I’m overwhelmed with so many different ideas, tasks, and opportunities. On top of that I also can’t help but feel a lot of doubt and fear about the future.

I knew something was really wrong when I went to film some new videos a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t even string a sentence together! That’s when I knew I had to take a time out. I decided to spend some time in Central Park where I ended up creating a system to help shed what I call thought layers. This really helped to ground me and allowed me to become clear on what’s truly important.

I’m really excited to share this technique with you in this weeks video as it changed things dramatically for me.


My #1 Strategy to Minimize Stress 1

minimize stress

One of the most common things I hear from my clients is that they want to minimize stress and overwhelm in their lives.  They feel they have too much on their plate and not enough time.  I totally get it! As a full-time entrepreneur, a part-time fitness instructor, and working on other job opportunities here and there, I feel like my head is spinning in a million different directions. I’ve spent hours just sitting and wondering where to begin, what to prioritize, and where I want to focus my energy.  At times I felt like my whole body was going to explode out of sheer frustration.

I knew I had to figure out a plan to get me more organized and feeling productive, so I set out on a mission to find some tangible tools to help me.

I now have a specific system in place and I can’t even begin to tell you how much more relaxed and productive I feel!  In this weeks video I really wanted to share my strategy with you in hopes it might help you feel more on top of things.  I would also love for you to share all the different ways you stay organized so we can continue to help each other grow. Please feel free to leave comments below 🙂