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Why we Judge: Understand the 5 Judgment Blocks

Why we Judge: Understand the 5 Judgment Blocks

Why we Judge: Understand the 5 Judgment Blocks

I have to confess – I love exploring judgment and where it comes from. This has always been something I’ve analyzed in my life. Even from a really young age.

Over the past year I’ve gotten really deep with it and have come up with different philosophies as to why exactly we judge others. I’m actually really pumped to share this with you!

Every single one of us is guilty for judging someone and we’ve all had people judge us. We’re human and it’s natural. The key is to catch yourself when you’re making a judgment and really ask yourself where it’s coming from.

Having a deeper understanding of where judgment stems from will also make it easier to dismiss what other people think. This allows us to focus on our own lives with more ease.

Watch this weeks video to discover the 5 different judgment blocks.


Are you headed down a one-way street?

Are you headed down a one-way street?

Are you headed down a one-way street?

I guarantee we’ve all been down a one-way street at some point in our lives – likely more than once. Even if you aren’t currently on one, it’s important to recognize when they start to appear in your life.

One-way streets are part of the Life Map language I’ve created. It means you’re heading somewhere that feels like your only option, and closing yourself off to other ideas and possibilities.

A lot of the time we do this without even realizing it. This is mainly based on us getting caught up in society’s belief systems.

Society has taught us how to behave, how we should look, and how we’re supposed to live our life. Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids yadda, yadda, yadda!

While I do believe some of these beliefs are starting to shift as more and more people challenge them, for many of us these beliefs can be tough to break. It’s not until we take a close look at them that we start to see and understand how they may be holding us back and not serving us in the way we originally thought.

As you look at your life ask yourself what decisions you’ve made or are currently making based on society’s belief systems.

Maybe you went to College or University because it seemed like the “right” thing to do, but deep down didn’t feel quite right. Or maybe you got married or you’re in a relationship with someone despite your inner GPS (intuition) telling you otherwise.

Check out this weeks video to help you see the one-way streets you may be headed down!


Coincidence or Message From the Universe? 2

Message From the Universe?

Message From the Universe?

A coincidence or a message from the universe? This is something I’ve been questioning for the past month while I’ve been here in NYC.

I’ve been here for almost 2 months now and there have been some really interesting events that have taken place. The synchronicities are so out there that I can’t help but wonder if they have a deeper meaning than just being coincidences.

These experiences have really forced me to take a step back and be really present to the opportunities that are presenting themselves.

In this weeks video I’m looking forward to sharing these stories with you, hearing your thoughts and if you’ve had something happen in your life that’s also made you question if there’s something more powerful at play.


How Times Square Changed my Perspective

How Times Square Shifted my Perspective

How Times Square Shifted my Perspective

It’s funny how one little event can completely change your perspective. This happened to me recently in NYC. I had been in New York for over a month and I still hadn’t made it to Times Square during this particular trip. Wanting to feel more like a local than a tourist, I suppose I had been unconsciously avoiding the mayhem.

However, I was close by one day and wanted to feel the crazy energy of midtown. Of course there were thousands of people milling about and you had to strategically plan every step you took. At one point I was at a cross walk waiting for the light to change when this man backed up right into me!

I’m sure we’ve all experienced times when someone wasn’t looking where they were going and ran right into you. It’s so easy to get super irritated, and that’s exactly the reaction I had. I totally rolled my eyes and under my breath whispered “seriously?”

Then a split second later this bus was turning the corner and ended up coming up on part of the sidewalk – right where that man was standing! I soon realized if he hasn’t backed up into me in that moment he would have been taken out by that bus!

This moment in Times Square is when I started to really shift my perspective on how I view other people – whether it’s people I know or strangers on the street.

Watch this weeks video to learn how you can also move past the frustrating actions of others.


Discover How to Refill Your Tank

Refill Your Tank

Life Map – Refill Your Tank

I’m really excited to continue sharing more of the Life Map concept and it’s lingo with you!

The idea behind the Life Map is to really help you understand your journey up until now, to own your story and discover how certain people, events and experiences have helped shape who you are. It will also clear any roadblocks that are currently in your way so you can start achieving those goals you set out for yourself.

There’s specific language that will give you a deeper look into who you really are and the different experiences you’ve had in your life. For example, you’ll be able to recognize when you’ve shifted gears, or when you hit a fork in the road. You will know exactly what’s in your roadside assistance kit, and be able to pinpoint the navigators in your life. Having all this insight from your past will help guide you forward into a life filled with more meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

Today I want to talk about how to refill your tank! Just like how your car needs to be filled with gas – so do you!

We’ve all had times when we’ve felt low. Maybe it has to do with a relationship, a job or just an overall feeling of not being fulfilled.

When you’re in that place it can be really challenging to pull yourself out of it. What really helps is being aware of what it takes to fill you back up. It’s rare we think about this in times of feeling low but it’s a good practice to start getting into so we can pull ourselves out of it faster!

Check out this weeks video to help you discover how you can start refilling your tank today!