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How to Truly Love Yourself: The #1 Tool to get you there 1

How to Truly Love Yourself

How to Truly Love Yourself

It’s been such a rewarding experience as a Coach to see how the Life Map has helped shift the perspective of others. Helping people own their story and release any shame around who they are has been a huge part of the Life Map process.

I’m really excited to share singer-songwriter Brittany Brodie’s story about her journey towards building self-love with the Life Map tool.

She calls the experience “magical” and can’t wait to frame her map and put it in her office!

The “aha moments she had in creating her map has made her completely change how she views her life.

Part of the Life Map language such as “listening to your GPS” and “backseat drivers” has also become a huge part in her everyday vocabulary!

I hope you enjoy listening to her story as much as I enjoyed talking with her about it!


Should I Text My Ex?

Should I text my ex?

Should I text my ex?

How many times have you picked up your phone with the urge to text your ex? I’m not alone in this, right?

Maybe it’s because you feel lonely, you’re curious what they’re up to or you feel they should know about the amazing things going on in your life!

Most of the time when we actually press send in that moment it’s followed with feelings of pure anxiety. It’s because you’ve now opened the gates to the unknown. It’s out of your hands now and you’re left constantly checking your phone for a reply and feel tortured with every minute that goes by without a peep.

So before you press that send button I want you to ask yourself a couple of really important questions. They will help bring you clarity as to whether or not it’s a good idea to reach out to them.

These questions also work with any decision in life you’re looking to make. I literally ask myself these two questions ALL THE TIME!

Check out this weeks video to find out what they are!


How the Life Map Showed Me Who I Want to be 2

Life Map

Life Map

I’ve had the privilege of taking quite a few people through the Life Map process, and I have to say I LOVE going on this journey with them!

Everyone has such a unique story. It’s so interesting to see how their past has really shaped who they are and where it’s led them.

I’ve discovered that overall this tool really helps people develop their core confidence. It uncovers your limiting beliefs so that you can conquer your fears and become your best self. It’s a way to make you fall in love with yourself and accept who you really are.

Today I really wanted to share my friend Jeremy’s experience with the Life Map. He opens up about how this process has really helped him and how it’s something he will always carry with him.


How a Retreat in Costa Rica Can Change Your Life

Costa Rica Retreat

Costa Rica Retreat

I’m counting down the days until I get to hop on a plane to Costa Rica and join a group of AMAZING ladies!

From March 5th – 11th I’ll be co-hosting a women’s retreat that’s so much more than just a vacation. It will be an opportunity to escape, get grounded, and reconnect with yourself.

I know for me life is full of to-do lists and running from one thing to the next. It’s rare any of us have time to just stop and think about what it is we truly want. It’s important to step away and take time to gain clarity around your life and goals. Where are you headed? Where is it you really want to go? And what do you need to work through to make it a reality?

I also know when I’m in a warm place, surrounded by nature and able to relax, I become more inspired. That’s why we decided to have this retreat in Costa Rica!

We want to create an environment that will give you the perfect balance of relaxation, adventure and connection with others on a similar journey.

I’ve worked at retreats before and the energy that comes from these is something I’ve never experienced. I can’t even explain it. It’s something you really need to experience for yourself!

Check out this weeks video for more information about the retreat and how to reserve your spot today! We’re also currently offering an early bird discount of $200 off until the end of the month!

I hope to see you soon under the Costa Rican sun!